Calcium aluminate cement, how is it characterized? According to the development various industries, the demand of refractories is gradually increasing
and it is now in trend to change from shaped types to monolithic types which provide easy workability.
「Calcium aluminate cement」, which is generally used as inorganic binder in monolithic refractories,
has been wanted significantly in various areas.

The key factor is hydration of Calcium aluminate
cement minerals.

Calcium Aluminate Cement is the combined minerals of Al2O3 and CaO at a high temperature and its main compositions are CaO • Al2O3 (CA), CaO • 2Al2O3 (CA2), 12CaO • 7Al2O3 (C12A7). When these minerals expose to water, it is formed into the hydrates and plays as an inorganic binder. Since ordinary Portland cement contains a lot of water molecules (crystalized water) by hydration, this hardened body is destructed by rapid evaporation at 400~500℃. Calcium aluminate minerals, however, it is hardly destructive but sintered at a high temperature due to the low content of crystalized water and easy evaporation during heating. Therefore it can form stabilized CaO • 6Al2O3 (CA6) and is adequate for refractory application. Calcium aluminate cement shows a high melting point along with high Al2O3 content and finally accomplishes significant refractoriness; generally it is represented in 3 types depending on Al2O3 contents – 50%, 70% and 80%. In order to control each type’s feature, it is the key point to design the composition of Calcium aluminates.

REFRACTORINESS / HIGH EARLY STRENGTHExcellent heat resistance and high early strength

Calcium aluminate cement is inorganic binder that is resistant around 1400 ~ 1800℃ for refining, smelting as well as fabricating and casting.
And after construction, it hardens fast and makes available to demold in a day.
Therefore, it is applied to facilities of not only heavy & chemical industry, but also boiler, incinerator etc. that claim high temperature conditions.

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Persistence in quality management for World-class products

Union’s Calcium aluminate cement is strictly controlled under the systematic quality management system and that has made us become a reliable supplier over the world. ISO 9002 and KS certificate have been granted for upgrading automatized production process. The products are diversified according to various working conditions and it enables customers to reach best solutions.

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